Music! Music! Music! Sing! Sing! Sing! “It’s never too late to follow your dreams,” says the timeless Carolyn Alexander, a second generation musician who has been exposed to a huge variety of music. She has grown up around the sounds of a thirty–five piece big band, a marching band, New Mexico country western music, pursued singing at New Mexico Highlands University, not too mention 17 years living in and around Hawaiian music and artists. She has since then surrounded herself with the fast pulse and hum of the ever evolving world of music, dance and theater in Los Angeles, California. “It’s your turn Mom”, says Leilani Makuakane–Potter, choreographer, producer, director, manufacturer and most importantly daughter of Carolyn. So now Carolyn is taking her musical turn, after a career in the travel and law industries. She has spent ten years of diligent musical study, rehearsal preparation, recording sessions and special events with many teachers. One of the finest musical French-American masters in Los Angeles, California says “Music is naturally inside her.” Carolyn’s vocals fill the room with a collage of musical wonder, passion and all the generosity in the universe. Old becomes new again as Carolyn timelessly transports her audience into the ‘here & now’ as she entertains with her vast repertoire of American Standards, Pop and Easy Listening. A proud member of the baby boomer generation, Carolyn crosses generational boundaries inspiring young and old alike…“Pursue your dreams and let’s write history together as we sing!”